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Had a good day at college. Mindfulness practice in the morning, which is actually a lovely way to start the week.

Group presentation on Humanistic Therapy went well, thank you @LabourGeek for your help! We ran over time, but as we were the first group of four (and as such the test case), we've been given lee-way. Apparently we were a cohesive group, well read, very interactive, and one of the assessors said he forgot he was assessing and really wanted to join in. So feeling positive about that. It's 12.5% of our Interventions Module, good to have it out of the way.

I've been invited to do a presentation at Wellness Week at the women's prison. Need to find a topic and a partner... I've also suggested/offered to run a School of Ed UnConference, and I've done Class Rep advocacy to do.

Tomorrow Research Methods 2 and an afternoon of Neuropsych. I'm tempted to skip the afternoon session. Last week the lecture was just reading from slides, no interaction at all. I could read them myself in half the time. Over the lunch break I'm meeting someone to discuss my dissertation proposal.

Tonight I've reflective practice for my Mindfulness and my Counseling to do, an IEP to sketch out, the research meeting to prepare for, and l should really do some essay work for Child Development.

Deep breaths, I'm going in...
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